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From AVVO:

Best Lawyer Ever

“Brian Morgan Heit really saved me in a really bad situation. I was robbed while traveling and extorted with my credit cards. The credit card company tried to stick me with all the fraud charges of over $7000 dollars. After Mr. Heit contacted the credit card company they reopened the case Mr. Heit and he did not stop following thru with the case until the case was closed in my favor. I would highly recommend Mr. Heit and his firm they are very professional and personal. Thank you so much Brian Morgan Hiet you really saved me.”
- Aja

Knowledgeable with caring attention

“Brian Heit has been helpful on a number of legal issues for me: business purchase and new business consulting, commercial property management, employee relations, family law and several contract reviews. Some of the issues were very stressful and emotional for me. He did a great job of easing my anxieties with his knowledge of the law, but he also did it in a way that shared his depth of knowledge yet still explained everything in "non-legal terms" that felt accessible. He is reliable, honest and a good listener. He also did a great job of explaining different options to me. So far, everything he has worked an has been resolved to my liking.”
- Jessica

Lifted a Weight Off My Shoulders!

“I was looking for an attorney who could resolve some estate issues for land in Florida owned by my deceased parent in California while I was living in Spain. While estate law is not his focus, he does seem to have a wide network of diverse professionals at his fingertips. He put me in contact with someone in California who had authority to work in that state. Aric bridged the gap between Cali and Florida......Florida to Spain. I'm just so thankful that he was able and willing to help me when I couldn't be there to help myself.”
- Lynda

Professional, Knowledgable, Dedicated

“I hired Aric after I was hurt in an accident. He was so attentive to all my concerns, always available to give me an update, and knew perfectly how to handle my case, and get the most out of the insurance. I will hire him again for any other cases I gave, including professional.”
- Laure

Car Accident

“Aric williams was excellent for my case I was in a car accident and he was there since day 1. August 11th 2016 everything was done the right way he I highly recommended in my book thanks mr Aric williams.”
- Anonymous

Most Hands On Attorney Ever

“I called Aric after having being sideswiped by a driver who then claimed the accident wasn't his fault. He walked me through every step of my insurance issues and healthcare treatment, building relationships with practitioners and adjusters all along the way. He was more like family than anything in the way he requested updates and provided advice on a day-to-day basis. I would recommend Aric to anyone and we keep in touch to this day.”
- Jamie

From Yelp:

Laura G.

“Great attorney to work with. I sent him a lengthy email. He was able to get back to me on the same day for the consultation. Definitely will use him for any future legal matters. Thank you Brian!”
- Laura G., Studio City CA

“Brian Heit and his team are hard-working, competent, friendly, helpful, and full of heart. I would highly recommend Brian and his team to anyone who needs mediation or litigation help.”
- Kristin V., Los Angeles, CA

“Brian is a phenomenal attorney. He works with authentic passion and dense professionalism. Brian's law firm is with the times in the sense that he will look you in the eye and listen before any stiff retainer is pushed in your face. Brian is quick, competent, educated, powerful, and human. Without Brian, I would not be where I am today. I feel protected and continuously empowered with Brian Heit on my team.”
- Stephen M., Los Angeles CA

“My husband and I own a business and commercial property. We started working with Heit Law about three years ago. We had them review and rewrite all our contracts and leases. They also helped with some legal problems we were having. They did an excellent job with all our needs. Their fees were very reasonable, less than our previous lawyer charged. Their work was professional, efficient, and effective. I have recommended them to friends and family.”
- Charlene H., Gaslamp San Diego CA

“I was in an auto accident that was not my fault but the other guy's insurance company had denied my claim. Brian worked passionately, quickly, and effectively and he was ultimately successful in getting them to accept liability. Brian was great to work with- he made a complicated situation easy to understand, included me in all decisions, and was 100% dedicated to my best interest. Thank you!”
- Kimberly W., Berkeley CA

Peer Endorsements

“Having worked with Brian on several matters, I can attest to his tenacity as a litigator, negotiator and problem-solver. Unlike most litigators, he approaches matters with a purposeful end-game, avoiding all of the frivolous bickering that has become far too prevalent in the profession. I look forward to working with Brian again down the road. He gets the job done and manages to make the work enjoyable and rewarding.”
- Matthew Eandi, Litigation Attorney

“Brian is a very vibrant and talented attorney. I even consulted him on a securities matter and he quickly pointed me in the right direction. He has a great reputation among his clients and in the legal community. I highly recommend Brian.”
- Christopher Ivory, Intellectual property

“Mr. Williams is an incredibly skilled and dedicated attorney. His passion for his craft and his tenaciousness in getting superior results for his clients are unparalleled. Mr. Williams has the ability to process information quickly, see all sides of an issue, and, without hesitation, figure out the best path forward. As such, it is always a pleasure working with Mr. Williams, and why I endorse this attorney.”
- Andre Raikhelson, Litigation Attorney

“Mr. Williams is one of those attorneys who is not only good at his job but really enjoys his work. He is respectful but also aggressive. He is patient and cares about his clients. Bright lawyer with a very bright future.”
- Brett Schlacter, Personal injury Attorney

More Testimonials

“I Had The Pleasure Of Hiring Mr Aric Williams. I Must Say After I Explained My Situation To Him He Took On My Case and Settled It Quickly!!! Aric Is Very Caring and Goes Above and Beyond For His Clients…I Highly Recommend Him and His Number Is On Speed Dial…Thank You Aric!!!”
- By Melica

“Mr. Williams is a great person as well as a great attorney! Mr. Williams handled some contract creation work for us and was knowledgeable, well versed in legal ease as well as being very efficient with his billed hours!! I can’t stress the personal importance I see in this quality! I would recommend Aric Williams to anyone needing an attorney for a multitude of areas and have recommended him for s friend needing restate work.”
- By Crawford

“Aric represented me in a case against a company that owed me money after my resignation. He was very attentive and held my hand to the very end of the case that was settled out of court. Thanks Aric!”
- By Bryan

“I had a very complicated and risky case against some very powerful people. Aric was able to get the case heard even though our adversaries kept trying to delay our day in court. He got my business partners and I our day in court and laid the facts down concretely. He WON the case. I cannot sincerely recommend a better lawyer. Aric is my lawyer for life!!!”
- By Julio

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Aric in an unfortunate situation. He was extremely invested in my case and I felt he was giving me the best direction possible. He was extremely quick to respond to any concerns I had and handle the situation beautifully. I could not have had for better service. Even after the case was resolved he has still made himself available to address my questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone inquiring about legal services.”
- By Nicole

“Aric Williams is a very good attorney. He represented me and my company against the city of Miami Beach, which is not an easy opponent. He was very knowledgeable of the law, extremely professional, and easy going. We won the case and I am grateful that he was there to represent me.”
- By Jester

“I had the pleasure of working with Aric Williams and he honestly has been such a blessing. He was so professional and attentive. I came to him with a problem and he showed so much concern and care it almost felt as if he was going thru the same thing! None the less he was very helpful and I would recommend him with my eyes closed. Thanks Aric for helping me resolve my issue! I greatly appreciate you!”
- By Layla

“Aric has helped me with a variety of legal issues relating to various real estate and business dealings I have had over the years. The quality of his work is top notch, and his “client first” mentality is something to be inspired by. I highly recommend Aric Williams.”
- By Elizabeth

“Aric Williams was very diligent and heavily invested in my case. He was very helpful, calming, and explained both the situation and possible outcomes. I knew he cared about my case and kept me informed the entire time. He made it a point to ensure that I was happy with the final result. I highly recommend him.”
- By Miguel

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“Brian Morgan Heit really saved me in a really bad situation. I was robbed while traveling and extorted with my credit cards. The credit card company tried to stick me with all the fraud charges of over $7000 dollars.”

See all client reviews