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Practice Areas:

1. Corporate:

Our firm is well-versed in providing legal services to a broad spectrum of companies, domestic and international, conducting business in Florida and California. We offer comprehensive counsel and representation to public and private companies regarding commercial litigation and outside counsel services. We have the resources to connect our clients with in-house experts eager to work as a coordinated team to guide our clients in a wide range of corporate and business transactions. We form corporations with sound business strategies and stable corporate structures to protect your assets. We ensure that the core aspects of every company—employment law, corporate agreements, and tax—are properly established. Once your business is started, we safeguard it from harm by assisting with the compliance aspect within the scope of work for any company in Florida or California. Additionally, should the need arise, our firm is quick to represent our clients in any litigation that may be instigated. Beyond formulating contracts and providing litigation services, our firm serves as outside general counsel, to coordinate and handle all legal aspects of our client’s businesses.

2. Entertainment Law:

Capitalizing on its bicoastal localities, our firm is poised to counsel and assist any music label, artist, producer, model, actor, or athlete in Miami or Los Angeles. One of our own managing partners, Mr. Aric Williams, is a former Division I collegiate athlete himself, which enables our firm to have a deeper understanding of the nuances of both the legal and business aspects in the entertainment industry. We are known for developing creative legal solutions customized to our clients’ needs. Below is a concise list of the services we provide:

  1. Agency contracts
  2. Recording contracts
  3. Management contracts
  4. Performance contracts
  5. Merchandising
  6. Copyright and trademark
  7. Royalties and residuals

3. Healthcare Law:

With the evolving and complex nature of the healthcare industry, businesses are expected to comply with the ever-changing regulations of healthcare laws. In this atmosphere, conducting malpractice is an easy mistake if you are not aware and conscious of what to avoid. An exhaustive understanding of the healthcare compliance and regulatory procedures concerning government guidelines is essential in successfully negotiating and litigating advantageous outcomes for our clients.

Additionally, hospitals and health clinics alike need to ensure proper risk management strategies and medical examination committees are in place and executed during times of concern. Our firm works closely with healthcare providers to assist in the design and creation of a risk management department and approaches so that all channels of health services are in compliance.

4. Personal Injury/ Medical Malpractice:

Our firm has extensive knowledge and expertise in providing comprehensive representation to those who are injured by the negligence of another. Whether it be a car accident or slip-and-fall, our firm is equipped to facilitate coordinated medical treatment for a client’s maximum physical recovery, as well as suitably armed to take any case to trial for a maximum monetary recovery of the damages incurred. Our firm has successfully litigated exceptional results in complex cases against large corporations, major insurance companies, and government entities, both on a state and federal level.

5. Real Estate:

At our firm, we understand the stress of a real estate transaction and have seen how easy it is for litigation to arise. Retaining an attorney with substantial knowledge about Florida and California property laws and civil litigation can lighten the burden. By assertively applying our extensive knowledge of all aspects of property rights, civil procedure, finance, and business, we can handle your disputes related to:

  1. Real property contract
  2. Residential home sales
  3. Commercial property sales
  4. Construction
  5. Contractors and subcontractors
  6. Mortgages
  7. Homeowners associations
  8. Condominiums
  9. Landlord-tenant
  10. Evictions
  11. Foreclosures
  12. Eminent domain
  13. Zoning, land use, and building permits
  14. Boundaries and easements
  15. Title
  16. Liens

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